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They are our future scholars and change leaders.

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What is critical student discourse?

Students share their thoughts, opinions, and analysis on current issues by integrating topics they have learned within the classroom. Students are assigned a topic to talk about, however what they do with that topic is up to them. I ask that they be as creative as they wish but have a critical eye on their views on society.

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How will you use this knowledge to help your community?

This is was a common phrase I heard while attending Howard University. It was in every class, no matter the teacher or subject. This has influenced by scholarship and they ways in which I teach. I want to bridge the gap between the community and the ivory towers.

Attending a university tends to silo students from the outside world, therefore I want students to remember that they are a part of a larger community. Many students do not interact with those that have different social identities as themselves, therefore I want student to engage outside their comfort zone and become global citizens. The larger community should have access to thoughtful analyses of current social issues, without a paywall. 

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Student learn how to share their voices on a digital platform and bring their knowledge to the masses.

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