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2,020 reasons to vote.


The 2020-20201 election is like no other. We have two candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. From the first presidential debate we have seen nothing but utter chaos and disruptions. Many would call the first debate comical, or better than reality tv. Going into the second debate, we figured maybe there will be some actual questions answered, but no, TRUMP TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID 19. Yes, the current president of the United States tested positive because he refuses to wear a mask in a worldwide pandemic. With all of the debates happening and a worldwide pandemic going on, people are hyper focused on voting because all we do is watch the news. Also, with the convenience of mail-in ballots, people have an easier way to vote. 

We have seen many instances where social control and voters suppression has impacted the voting process in the past, but especially this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Election day is not a national holiday, therefore it is not possible for everyone to get there during a work day. With this, mail in ballots seems like a good idea, until people fill them out wrong or they get lost in the mail. Do we want the polls open? Or do we take the risk of mailing them? It's hard to say because are our votes really being accounted for? Or is the government really just making the decision?

Organizations such as the NAACP and the liberal Center for American Progress have pushed for all in-person voting sites to remain open, mostly in communities of color because they face the most disadvantages when voting. Voters suppression has always targeted people of color for years, and this year they are trying to make sure their vote is accounted for.

Voting this year, more than any election year has been broadcasted on social media the most. Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat have been flooding with politics. People are posting reasons why you should vote, articles about the voting process, and many campaign slogans for the democrat and republican parties. With everyone being tied down at home, people are scrolling through social media all day, which can have a large impact on the election outcome. With all that has gone on, deviant acts from the president being a bully and a racist, to all of the police brutality, black lives being abused in society, the people need to vote. Our world does not need deviance right now, it needs control and equality. 

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