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America Is Ready For Change!

This election is like no other. The two sides, The Republicans and The Democrats, have been fighting for a real leader, one who they think can run the United States of America in a peaceful manner during a global pandemic known as Covid-19. This is a year of a lot of changes, it has become a law to wear a facial mask and stand 6 feet apart to protect the citizens of the U.S. We are required to not have social gatherings, to not have in person classes, and to stay inside when we come down with even a slight cold. With these restrictions, America especially has been struggling.

This election is one of the most important elections and one that will go down in history. We have experienced violence, protests, and many losses this year, and we need a leader who is going to fix and control our country for the better. With President Donald Trump, we have experienced his leadership in a negative manner due to his repulsive comments that disgusted Americans. He talked down on specific groups of people, stereotyped races, and diminished people who struggled with disabilities, overall claiming whites are superior and giving all other races and people who are not in the middle or higher class low standards. Americans ARE SICK OF HIM! He needed to go.

The 2020 election left Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with a declared victory, because America wants change. In this case, for mostly Trump supporters, the Democrats are now seen as Deviant. Because they want all of this change in the world, liberals are straying away from social norms and wanting something other than complete BULLSHIT that Trump has been spewing for the past 4 years. Liberals are being seen as deviant because they are not settling for less than what they have been given in the past, they do not want Trumps power to continue and allow Americans to believe what he is saying is true or right. Republicans are claiming voter fraud and trying to claim that the liberals are deviant and the ballots rant being counted right. But would they be saying that if Trump was winning? Its crazy to see Americans fighting against each other, when in the end we are supposed to be one country all wanting the same things, for our rights to be equal.

I label myself as an independent, and I cannot stand to see the American people being treated unfairly. After Trump's presidency, America is in a scramble, we are a complete mess, and thousands of people are dead due to his leadership in this pandemic. Trump's use of social control is what has this country in shambles.

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