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It’s Like Looking in a Mirror...Only Not

I am at a loss. Loss of words. Loss of what to think, say, and do at this important time in history. History is broken and repeating itself.

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet." That's what Abraham said. The same bullet ripping through my mind-destroying my inner thoughts while I contemplate on who to choose for this election. Do I choose a man who called black people superpredators or choose the man who said laziness is a black trait? Who is the lesser of the two evils?

Neither is my first choice, so where do I go from here? Where do we go from here?

Is any candidate or anyone for the "American" people, or is this just a publicity stunt?

Yeah, there are other elections to take part in, but none are like voting for the President- the chief of five roles, America's authority.

Listen. We have heard it all before: Democracy this; democracy that; Protect the American people; Everything. Potential candidates and citizens lie, saying they will be a helping hand to individuals in society to obtain a position of control. What can determine this outcome? Voting in elections? Is this the only solution that lies in our hands, or does the government alone make voting useless?

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden both utilize their elitism to get the American vote.

Still, elections determine who will make the decisions for us. So, I take my steps, almost 200 to be exact, into that building where I take my place of action. It is all in my hands now. It is all in our hands now. But is it truly in our hands?

My vote is wasted. Why do you ask? It's because of the system's great friend EC. We got the popular vote in stock, but why does EC-the electoral college-get the final say? The electoral college is supposed to compromise the popular vote by the people and the vote in Congress, but who's really giving and who's really taking? Our country has a long history of contributing to elections but under their own jurisdiction.

Voting is supposed to be a privilege and a right, but I'm questioning if I have either. It is a duty I am supposed to abide by but would rather get fired from. As the days are flying by, days bleeding to nightfall, I sit with the ballot in my hand by my nightstand, thinking about what I should do or markdown. For years and years, we see either negative or positive impacts of voting and what it causes the nation to transition to. Which way would it actually go? From bad to worst? Is there even a chance that America will be represented with real values? Or the "American" ones? What even are the American values, you ask? - System of white, rich, and male control disguised as an advocate for the American people.

Biden and Trump are put on a pedestal as possible bandaids to "heal" American society's wounds. Although Biden is the lesser of the two evils, there will be a lot of progress needed under his presidency if he wins. On the other hand, Trump has a lot of followers who strongly believe he will make "America Great Again," although it will push society ten steps backward. But if Trump loses, will his followers "stand by" or "stand back" waiting for his next command? Will he still have this power?

With the two candidates, we can clearly see how elites' deviant behavior is excused due to their position of control. We know the history of both of these men and their actions, but they still are our only two choices of who will lead in office. Is this how America wants to be represented?

Voting is an external means of social control. It is told to us that voting matters, yet the government has the power and authority to control elections, which dictates who can and cannot cast a ballot. We can see how pushing your own agenda can be disguised to relate to the people so they can get the popular vote. Also, we can see how where a person is placed in society's hierarchy can dominate peoples' opinions and the people who represent them (Electoral college). To what length will they go to have control over the American people?

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