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The Effect of Race on Police Response during Political Protests

This past year, the United States of America saw several political protests in our national capital of Washington, DC, from the Black Live Matters movement over police brutality to Trump supporters over speculations of election fraud.

It was the Trump supporters that crossed the line from protesting to rioting to gain unauthorized access to the United States Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. However, it was the BLM protest over the summer outside the White House that was met with escalated, especially in comparison, methods by police to control the group and remove them from the area.

If a majority of the Trump supporter were black, instead of white, what type of response would we be seeing from the police? Would the police still have executed a carefully calculated plan of action to remove people from a federal building then later identifying and arresting those individuals?

The answer would probably resemble what happened over the summer during the BLM protest. Police would utilize militarized force (such as rubber bullets, tear gas, etc.), and arrest individuals in quantity on-site even if they did not enter unauthorized into the Capitol building.

Below, I feature comparison photos to show the difference in police response between the Capitol Riot and the BLM protest.

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