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Voter Fraud, Deviance, and Control

Currently, one of the hot topics in the news is voter fraud. The Republicans are arguing that in the swing states and the states that took longer to count their ballots, the ballots were miscounted for President Trump. Voter fraud is viewed as deviant in this country and in a way can be viewed as how society is controlling its voters during elections.

Voter fraud can be defined as the illegal behavior of individual voters. Examples of illegal behaviors include: duplicate voting, vote selling, a non-citizen voting in an election illegally, a felon voting (unless they are in a state where this is allowed), and voting in a district that the voter no longer lives in. Any act of fraud committed immediately goes to court if you are caught. There was a woman who voted in person in Colorado and by mail in Arizona and was indicted on a charge of voting twice and committing voter fraud. Felons, in my opinion, are hurt the most by the American voting system. Even after felons have completed their sentences, they are viewed as deviant and unable to vote. Social control plays a role in this because unfortunately most felons are people of color and by stripping their right to vote, states are in turn practicing felony disenfranchisement. Society views these individuals as criminals and therefore they are labeled deviant and cannot vote.

The Trump campaign filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin. In Pennsylvania Trump claimed that voters received ballots even though their absentee ballots/ mail-in ballots were rejected along with other claims such as asking for a recount. In Michigan, claims were made about halting the process of counting ballots until the Trump campaign had access to the votes and that election challengers are not allowed to observe election proceedings and processing of voter ballots. The Trump campaign claimed that some ballots could have been counted illegally after the voting deadline. In Arizona, they claimed that voters were rejected from in person voting and that sharpies were used to fill out the ballots which in turn ruined the ballots. In Wisconsin, Trump asked for a recount. Lastly in Nevada, Trump claimed that some individuals voted illegally among other claims.

In most states, President Trump has no grounds for the claims he is making and has been denied almost every lawsuit. Arizona had a recount and still claimed Biden the winner and Nevada as well. While Trump has lost most of his lawsuits, he does have eight pending lawsuits. However, even if the lawsuits are accepted and he wins them it will be very difficult for Trump to win because he would still not have enough electoral votes to win the election. It is very clear that Biden has one and he should just stop messing around.

This is yet another example of Trump abusing his power and trying to control society in favor of him. In his eyes these six states are “deviant” for “intentionally” giving the votes to Biden. It was clear even when Biden was winning by small margins that Trump would never get these votes. He is now trying to control all the voting systems in these states to be in favor of the Republican party instead of just conceding and letting Biden begin his transition.

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