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Crossing the line once again....

In Ocilla, Georgia, the US Immigration and Customs enforcement is facing allegations about women who have been detained there endured unnecessary gynecological procedures such as hysterectomies (Narea). In this case, multiple women came forward with stories about their unlawful procedures. The women claim that they “never sought or didn't fully understand” what was happening to them during the procedure. 

I am a woman living in the United States of America, and seeing this happen in my own country is disheartening. Women have the rights to do what they want with their body, they do not need anyone to do anything for them. 

As a woman, we grow up playing with baby dolls, eventually wanting a baby of our own one day, imagine not even getting that option? We grow up being mothered and cared for by a woman because she had the choice to have children, imagine not having that option? These doctors are taking away the OPTION and RIGHTS for women to have children. 

Women have been subjected to these procedures when it is not medically justified nor do the doctors have their FULL consent. The doctors who are performing these unlawful procedures are never held accountable for their actions towards detained women. According to the article, there was a minimum of 18 women who were subjected to these unnecessary medical procedures from just this ONE DOCTOR!! I can't even imagine how many more women around the world are being mistreated by medical professionals they should be able to trust, and these are just the ones who came forward……

Hysterectomies being performed without full consent is deviant and goes against all social norms and provides an extremely negative response from society, especially from women. According to the Mayo Foundation, hysterectomies can have large side effects on a woman's physical and mental health. This process, especially when done without consent, is causing an increase in depression and anxiety. Doctors are violating the law and the oath they take by not fully explaining the procedure, or even telling the patient.

There is a huge lack of social control in this situation because doctors are not protecting their patients and not even being punished for it. Nothing about this process is morally correct, lacking the main reason for social control. 

Although it's been happening for decades, people need to be held accountable for their wrongful actions, therefore there is a large grey area here. Women deserve the ability to make their own choices about their body and the full consent of a doctor who is operating on them. This lack of social control is extreme and the government must do something about it before another child is not able to be born. 

Extra Sources:

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