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Look What You Made Me Do...

They have been silent and numbed way too long. The chains were broken, but the ropes were sealed. The strings were cut, but we became the bulletproof vest.

Get this dance! We want to defund your job because you are killing us for nothing!

Let me make sure I hear this correctly. Cops can murder in "self-defense," individuals who defend themselves against abusers and rapists are lockdown in jail? Make it make sense. I see what it is.

We see history repeating itself through the transparent frames of images that damage our eyesight.

Warmblood on the hands of cold-hearted "protectors."

The black codes of threats. The implicated Police. Our inferiority was your new mindset, Jim. Our visions and dreams were to be known as human beings. Your pictures were to make black people suffer and scream.

Policing has been designed to have power and control over the marginalized: Black, Indigenous, and poor people. Blackness has always been identified as criminal and was subject through Police: a person, the neighborhood, human dignity.

It is time for the truth to set you free.

If a truck was to ram you in the stomach, will it hurt? Many will respond, "Yes." Let's put it this way. Who would hurt the most, the truck or the person? You can say the person, but some may say, "the truck can be damaged." Who matters in this example, or do they both matter although the person is the one that is hurting. This is how the "All Lives Matter" demonstrates an indirect racism tactic towards "Black Lives Matter." I want you to read this:

Are we "All Created Equal" under the law

Or by death under the ground- six feet to be exact

Why are those who are supposed to protect us, the ones paid to kill us?

You protect racist terrorism. Is this part of police training? Aren't the Police supposed to keep the peace?

Nope. They are the disturbing sirens.

Blacks are more likely to be ___ than whites- you fill in the blank.

Did you say stopped, detained, arrested, or shot?

Oh, you can not handle the truth?

Blacks entered the criminal justice system. Fill in the blank again.

More likely to be__than whites: tried, found guilty, and sentenced longer.

Do you not see how you use our physical appearance as deviant?

Black men and women wrote books,

But within a year, you kill them.

Did you not like what they wrote?

It is always BLM as evil and criminals, but never KKK.

Klan picked up where Police left off. Now it's in reverse.

It is never ALM until BLM is said boldly.

Why does "Defund" and "BLM" catch your attention so much?

Look what you made me do...

The precious, golden skin on our bodies poses a threat to you?

What color is the base of all other colors? Black. Simple as that.

As "one nation under God," why are we, strangers?

Instead of reading between the lines, you exaggerate the color line.

"Just obey the law."

But Breonna was sleeping and Tamir was a kid, many could not breathe.

Race is your main ingredient for your bloody recipe.

This is your normal function. This is your framework.

We don't want your settlements of money.

We want change.

The acceptance of racial violence is why we #Defund and shout #BLM.

You should be happy we are fighting for equality

Instead of seeking revenge.

Although the entire society is an object of discipline, police enforcement adapts to whiteness's normalization—people of color subject to this discipline. Police use of violence and racism are legitimate (although illegitimate), not because of the rule of law but by accepting white society. For this construction to work, society is divided by race. The death of black people has galvanized America to defund the Police and their oppressive ways. #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter are indirect racial tactics used in response of the reinforcement of #DefundThePolice and #BlackLivesMatter. These hashtags are not saying "abolish" the Police. They are saying defund the Police to reduce violence and crime. Also, these hashtags combat the occupational deviance of the Police and how the Police are deviant behavior. You can tell how fabricated this "social order" is by how the bridge is not connected. The social order is hinging on white supremacy. Regardless of race, we can see that all cops play a factor in upholding the institution of white supremacy since its descendants from slave patrols and labor control.

Is this worth losing your job? Because you are about to.

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